Premier Athletics of Michigan

Who We Are

Premier Athletics Training

Premier Athletics begin in the late 1990’s with its first location in Knoxville, TN.  19 years later, Premier Athletics has grown to include 9 gyms throughout the North and South East and trains thousands of cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers and power tumblers.  Premier’s competitive athletes and teams are top notch in their respective industries and hundreds of Premier Athletics athletes have gone on to compete at the collegiate level in their respective sports, most earning college scholarships.

Premier Athletics also houses thousands of recreational students who train the sports of cheerleading, dance, gymnastics and cheerleader tumbling.  Premier also serves as a training facility for hundreds of middle and high school cheerleading and dance squads.

Premier Athletics Michigan Xtreme Cheer and Dance competitive teams.

In the fall of 2002, Michigan Xtreme Cheer (MIX) was founded to provide the best quality and safest cheer training to Michigan's cheerleaders. MIX started with two teams and 44 athletes from 17 different cities. The athletes amazed crowds both locally and nationally with their talent, creativity, determination and pride.  In the winter of 2006, MIX was proud to join the prestigious Premier Athletics family and the program grew to include more programing and dance teams.

Over the years MIX has grown to become nationally recognized earning numerous industry awards, national championships and earning multiple bids to the prestigious Cheerleading and Dance Worlds.  MIX has been featured as a top 25 program by American Cheerleader magazine and most recently voted “The Best of Detroit” by Channel 4.

Premier Athletics Michigan Xtreme is proud to have trained countless athletes to cheer and dance at nationally recognized collegiate programs and two of our former athletes have cheered for and won gold on TEAM USA!   We are the only program in MI to have trained athletes to make TEAM USA.

Our mission statement has stayed the same since the beginning-even as we continue to grow and expand.  We teach athletes to be “self-confident, do their best and have fun.”  And we teach our highly successful and competitive team programs to “place with grace.”  We remain committed to these statements as we watch our athletes turn into confident employees and well-rounded adults.  Now that you know about our past we look forward to sharing our present with you and your family.