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August 2015

Lisa -

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the extremely informative letter regarding the changes to the score sheet and what the Judges will be looking for this year.  I realize this is your business, but to analyze so in depth as to why the choreography and the routines and the music will be what they are is beyond anything I have seen in my many years of cheering and coaching.  I just wanted you to know that your deep thought and words did get read and are appreciated!! 

I also wanted to tell you how impressed I have been since joining your gym.  Nancy is amazing in the office and has answered all of my questions very kindly and timely.  Veronica is very kind and has been helpful too, including coming in on her off day to size my daughter for a jacket. 

My daughter’s coaches are amazing!  I have watched a bit and their voices are always positive and comforting.  I love how they teach the flyers and bases separately before putting them together to stunt.  I love how they stack the groups around each other for extra help if anyone was to fall while they are learning something new.  I love how they give the kids a plan every morning of what they will be doing at practice that night so that they can prepare.  I love how they clap for someone when a group is doing well.  I love that they post pictures or videos of what the kids do at practice.  I don't need to sit and watch for hours in the lobby when I know that I might get a snippit on our team sites.  I am so blessed to have Shara and Missy coaching my 9 year old! I want her to love cheer for as long as she can and not get burnt out as I do believe that she has a talent for it.  Even after a "Hemmie practice", a regular practice or a four hour choreography practice, She comes home with a smile on her face!  She is not tired or grumpy or irritable.  She doesn't say much to me about practice, but she doesn't need to when she comes out the way she has been.  You can tell that these coaches are 100% vested in these kids and their goals to win this year. Oh, and they have other jobs too - incredible!!

Also, the families and kids that we have encountered on many of the teams are extremely nice and supportive! (I even got a hug from a parent today as I left as a thank you for bringing in grapes for the team. Really??? - Mind blowing!!)  Just wanted to let you know what my first few months at MIX/ premier have been like for myself and my daughter.



July 2015

Dear Lisa,

USASF Regional Presentation-

Presenting is an art. You did an excellent job with some difficult topics. It is one thing to be able to quote our experiences and theirs for we gain much of our information from these sources. It becomes outstanding when you can provide answers to other’s questions with a response that supports your material.

I was also impressed with the way you were able to open up the topics and still stay on topic.

      Very best wishes,
      From St. Louis, MO


Thanks for all you do. As I have said before I was a little uneasy with my daughter starting a new sport. However I am completely impressed with the gym as a whole. The staff the children, it's a great place to be. I can see how rumors get started and I must admit starting with my daughter on her team, I wasn't sure how she would do and I wasn't sure we would be staying. However, you took time out of your day to explain things and I am completely grateful and aware of the expectations. She does get frustrated with the difference in passion and focus some of the younger girls have, but she loves it! I explain that there is no "I" in teamwork, she has a responsibility to the team to help.

Thank you again for all you do. You rock!



May 2015

Banquet was lovely, well done!

Next year it would be nice to call out the community service efforts like us winning the award in flint and what the teams did and the holiday donations etc.





Thank you for taking the time to have the parent meeting today. I know I walked away from the meeting tonight thinking about ways that I can be more positive with both my daughter and the gym and perhaps some thoughts on little things to make it fun for the girls again. Thank you for being so open about some not so positive things that I think have been festering on peoples minds.




Practice-They loved it, and you impressed them very much.  The moms said, “We have been at XXX gymnastics for over a year and have never been spoken to or shown their progress with a demonstration.”

We were there on Tuesday and Wednesday and the first thing my daughter said when she woke up this morning was “Do I get to go to my cheer gym tonight??” I think she would go every day if we could fit it in our schedule.  

Thanks so much for making it so fabulous! We may have a couple more 5 years olds coming…




I just wanted to tell you how much my daughter loved, loved, loved the stunt camp. She was a nonstop chatter box the whole night last night about all the things she got to do. She even made a couple new friends. I hope you continue to offer clinics like these!




Thanks for a great parent meeting today. Truly appreciate all of the information provided.



Hi Lisa,

I wanted to express how delighted I am with Stephan. My daughter has been at MIX for almost 2 years and she has learned more in her short time with Stephan then with any coach. He's patient, firm, pushes her to do her best and celebrates her successes.  I'm so pleased that he is her Coach for the Youth 2 team and wanted to let you know what an amazing job he is doing, which I'm sure you already know that about him.




Thank you for your help. We appreciate it so much. I hope to have the situation resolved soon, but sometimes roadblocks are thrown in the way. It is so great to be part of the Michigan Xtreme family!




Just a quick note to tell you thank you for making this Florida trip possible.  It was wonderful to have the families all come together and enjoy time together.  I also really enjoyed meeting families from other teams from other states.  I know my daughter really benefited from being able to cheer for athletes on other teams that she met at the hotel.  Looking forward to continuing on as a member of the MIX family.



Hello Veronica,

I did not get a chance to tell you last night, but thank you so much for all of your help with the tank tops for Frenzy. Everyone loves them.  We appreciate all of your hard work and rushing them to us.

This is my first year at this gym and the year has been wonderful, while I’m still learning everyone has made my transition and my daughter's transition wonderful. Thank you again!!!




I want to express a Thank You that is so much more then the words say. I grew up in southwest Detroit in the middle of crack houses! I had a childhood that I can not put into words! Gods grace brought me out of that world! I have a daughter who I am raising with the knowledge of what world is less then 20 mins away...... I brought her to MIX gym for tumble and to see what it was all about I mean she did gymnastics what's the difference? Oh how she changed...... Less than a year ago my child was crying and throwing up every morning not wanting to go to school! Girls r mean and she could not handle it...... She was seeing a counselor and took girls empowered classes etc.....etc.....

Less then one year at MIX with awesome coaches etc..... She has changed and grew more then words can describe! She has not cried and threw up before school due to being scared this year! Her teacher from last year told me she walks with her face up at school not down! Powerful words!!! I feel we found a home at MIX we have made incredible friends already and my child feels she knows where she fits she feels confident! I feel as a mom she will be at the gym working hard and not traveling down to Detroit thinking its cool! Your gym is going to give my girl a fighting chance in this world! I can keep going but WOW what you do at MIX with the kids is incredible.  The one thing that overwhelms me being a mom is that the teenagers doing the drugs in Detroit 99% of them came in from the suburbs. They thought how cool it was but living there we knew what it was........I see when my daughter is a teenager she will be working hard at the gym.......

Ok not sure if I made sense but my heart is overwhelmed and Thank You!!!!

~Kept anonymous-shared with permission




I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet, coaches, parents and children from all of our gyms.  Everyone was so nice and thoughtful….what a GREAT idea to have the room, that really helped!  The amount of support the other gyms’ (coaches & parents) provided for our girls was refreshing and so thoughtful.  I just wanted to say thank you for your help with this.  What a nice experience as our first competition with the new gym family.