Premier Athletics of Michigan

Half Season Cheerleading Club Teams 2017-2018

To secure your spot in our 2017-2018 half season program, follow the directions below.  A $65 annual registration fee is required upon completion of your registration.


What is the HYPE all about?

HYPE stands for “Half-Year Prep Education.”  The program is designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced cheerleaders.  HYPE is perfect for kids that wish to participate in a program that focuses on the fundamentals and skills progressions and it provides an exciting opportunity in which to compete.  Athletes in the HYPE Cheer Program will enjoy lighter time and financial commitments than the traditional full-season travel competitive programs, yet the same great experience.  HYPE is great for the new cheerleader and also for the athlete just finishing up a sideline or recreational program.

Why Choose Premier Athletics Michigan

Why you choose our HYPE program, you can feel confident that you have chosen the best program in the area for your child.  Our coaches are USASF ( safety certified, trained in CPR, First Aid, blood pathogens concussion training and continually participate in training workshops to continue our tradition of excellence.  Our coaching philosophy does not just focus on where we place at competitions;  our lesson plans revolve around teaching safe and proper technique in all our skills training.  We foster teamwork among our athletes and encourage a safe, fun educational environment for everyone.

Our HYPE program is all about the cheerleaders
Athletes will be placed on teams of similar age/skills level according to USASF division guidelines ( to ensure safety, proper progressions, and continuous learning and advancement.  The program is perfect for a group of cheerleaders with varying level of skill as each cheerleader is given the individual attention bases on their needs.  Cheerleaders are able to excel at their own pace and will receive the best coaching possible by experienced, dedicated staff.

Common Questions

Do you offer fundraising? 

Yes, we offer simple unique fundraising opportunities.

What are divisions?

Divisions are based on an athlete’s age as of Aug 31, 2017 and their overall skill levels.  We also consider the grade the athlete is entering in the fall of 2017.  Example if "friends" are joinig together, but their birthdays fall a few months apart which potentially put them on different teams, please call/email the front desk (734-737-0560/ to inquire.  Sometimes we can make decisions based on the USASF guidelines.

  1. Click here for skills sheet example.  Please note the half season teams are limited up to level 3 for certain age groups.
  2. Click here for the USASF (national governing body.)


When does the season start and end?

Registraion is open now and season ends April 2018.  See individual team schedules in financial packet below.

Pre-training begins the week of Oct 15th (see all details in the financial packet below.)  If your athlete is not currently on a side line or recreational program team, this is the time to sign up and begin training.  If your child is on a sideline or recreational program team, you have the option to begin your training now or begin training in a few weeks when your season ends. HOWEVER, you will want to sign up your athlete now to reserve their spot as teams tend to fill.  This approach has served us well over the last few seasons and has produced strong teams due to the training cycle.

How is a competition routine put together?

Our routine is comprised of skills in dance, tumbling, motions, and stunting.  These elements are choreographed into a 2:00 musical routine that will fit the skills of the athletes and the needs of the scoresheet.  It is entertaining and fun.  The varying elements of skills keep the athletes engaged and learning. The routine will evolve as the athlete's skills increase. We put a heavy emphasis on skills progression and safety.

How do I sign up?

To register click here.
If you are a new member you will need to create an account by clicking CREATE ACCOUNT.  Enter information.

1. Read policies and click I AGREE.
2. Click ENROLL NOW on the right side.
3. Select the child you wish to enroll and click CONTINUE ENROLLMENT.
4. Review the information and click ADD TO CART.
5. To enroll additional children, click FIND ANOTHER CLASS and repeat steps 2-4 above.
5. Review and click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
6. Review the information and click CONTINUE.
6. Select your form of payment and click PREVIEW PAYMENT.
7. Review and click PROCESS PAYMENT.
8. We will contact you shortly to confirm your registration.

Here is all the information and forms you need by the first day of practice in order to participate.

Bring the following forms with you. Click on the first 5 forms.

  1. Registration and waiver form (if new to gym.)
  2. MI State Concussion form
  3. Athlete information sheet
  4. Team commitment form
  5. CC Authorization form
  6. Copy of your athlete's birth certificate (required for USASF.)

Team information

  1. General Handbook (Note: HYPE season differences vs full season-this book is general information)
  2. Financial Handbook This is information updated information for the  2017-2018 season!