Michigan Xtreme Alumni

Staff Image of Brent Michael Little

Brent Michael Little

Currently, Brent is an English Teacher in Beijing, China!  Prior to relocating to Beijing, Brent attended Eastern Michigan University where he continued his cheerelading career.

"Cheering at MIX helped me build confidence in myself and learning new things. I feel it improved my speaking skills and teamwork to find the job I love. It also taught me that anything is possible if you work hard."

Staff Image of Halie Alane Lindberg

Halie Alane Lindberg

Halie is currently attending and cheering at the University of Kentucky! GO CATS!

"Being apart of Michigan Xtreme not only helped me with gaining my skills, but it helped me gain the confidence to shoot for my goal of being a UK cheerleader and achieve it. Thank you MIX Cheer!"

Staff Image of Kitty Dull

Kitty Dull

Kitty graduated from Grand Valley and is working in downtown Detroit as a mortgage banker for Quicken Loans.

"MIX cheer will always be something I look back on positively. I had so much fun and met some awesome people. MIX cheer helped build confidence in me. It taught me work ethic and showed me how important it is to keep sight of your goals and focus on the positive. It showed me how rewarding hard work can really be. Most of all when I look back on it I think of how much fun I had!!"

Staff Image of Aaron Cook

Aaron Cook

Currently Aaron is an Elite Full Name Gymnast at AGT Flip City, and training to get to the World Championships, and Going to Oakland Community College for Photography.  He also I works AGT Flip City teaching tumbling

"Being apart of MIX got me to meet new people and learn how to stunt better, goals that I have achieved were getting a full paid bid."