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Premier Athletics 2018-2019 All-Star Team Announcement!

We are SO excited to announce our 2018-2019 All-Star Teams! If your number is not listed, we may have missed it, please e-mail Blue at There will be a parent meeting for each respective team the first or second practice of the season, see below for details. This meeting will go over the competitiom schedule, and any team specific information/discussions. Team selections is a very difficult time for coaches and parents as well as athletes, we appreciate your trust in our expertise, and we appreciate you trusting the process! We look forward to another very successful season, and cannot wait to get to work!!!


Mini 1 Prep- Glitz

Coaches: Nikki, Jasmine, Abby

Summer Practice Days/Times: Friday 4-5:30pm

Parent Meeting: Friday, June 1st 5pm

Athlete Names

Presley B, Xania H, Addison M,  Eva W, Kaylin C, Ava C.



Junior 1- Lady Glam

Coaches: Nikki, Matisse, Abby

Summer Practice Days/Times: Tuesdays/Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm

Parent Meeting: Thursday, May 31st 7pm

Athlete Name

Angel M, Gracelyn S, Monica L, Lacy M, Grace D, Cameron M, Amelia S, Bailey B, Madison R, Caris T, Belle F, Kennedi B, Alexis M, Dylin M, Leia C, Jessica M.



Junior 2- Paramount

Coaches: Jasmine, Blue

Summer Practice Days/Times: Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm, Thursday 6-8pm

Parent Meeting: Thursday, May 31st 8pm

Athlete Names

Adriana R, Dani D, Jessica B, Rylee G, Darby C, Emma S, Savannah H, Avree S, Trinity M, Emma F, Addie C, Ella C, Anana G, Molly G, Mary T, Makena G, Kamryn C, Alayna B.


Senior 2- Passion

Coaches: Nikki, Davon

Summer Practice Days/Times: Tuesdays/Thursdays 7-9pm

Parent Meeting: Thursday, May 31st 8:30pm

Athlete Names

Jada S, Addison C, Lennon B, Jaye S, Lindsey H, Maggie L, Lilli C, Delaney S, Brooke S, Shayla M, Claire E, Taylor G.



Junior 3- Genesis

Coaches: Matisse, Blue

Summer Practice Days/Times: Monday/Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm

Parent Meeting: Wednesday May 30th 8pm

Athlete Names

Taylor M, Addison B, R.J., Luke S, Emma M, Kaliyah C, Bailee C, Avery R, Claire H, Lila Belle S, Makenzie D, Mia M, Analiz H, Takera M, Layken S, Miley T.


Senior 4- Obsession

Coaches: Jasmine, Davon

Summer Practice Days/Times: Monday/Wednesday 7-9pm

Parent Meeting: Wednesday May 30th 8:30pm

Athlete Names

Kristin S, Emma B, Caroline B, Kylee T, Sarah Claire, Kaia H, Naomi A, Priscilla C, Riley H, Maecyn N, Lindsi L, Kiersten G, Lauryn W, Hailie K, Carly S, Pamela A, Presley Br.