Lexington, KY Staff

Staff Image of Kyler Sykes

Kyler Sykes

General Manager/School Squad Instructor/All Star Coach

Kyler is a graduate of Western Kentucky University where he cheered for 5 years and was captain for 2 years.  After receiving his degree in Communications with a minor in Tourism/Hospitality, he began coaching competitive cheerleading all over Tennessee and Kentucky.  Kyler has extensive experience coaching all levels of cheer and has had great success as both a coach and athlete. Because of his dynamic personality, Kyler is also one of the most sought after emcees for many cheerleading competition companies. 

Staff Image of Kate Williams

Kate Williams

Little Explorers Academy & Office Supervisor/All Star Cheer Coach/Social Media Coordinator

Kate was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and raised in Ravenna, Ky. Growing up she participated in volleyball, softball, cheerleading and dance.She competed with East Kentucky Cheer and Dance as an all-star cheerleader for 7 years, winning 2 NCA Championship titles (2004 & 2006) and an all-star dancer for 6 years. In 2006 she placed 7th in Canam Nationals for her individual routine, and was hand selected as a cast member for the Capital One Bowl Halftime Show later that year. Kate began coaching and choreographing at the age of 15, and has done choreography for Images Modeling Agency as well as various dance and all star cheerleading teams in Central Kentucky. She attended Eastern Kentucky University, studying Elementary Education and Dance. She has been with Premier Athletics since 2013 where she has taught students of all ages. She has experience in coaching tumbling, gymnastics, and preschool gymnastics classes; as well as competitive gymnastics, cheerleading and dance. Miss Kate currently teaches all ages in the Little Explorers Program and tumbling classes for dancers, and coaches all star cheerleading.

Staff Image of Cade Isaacson

Cade Isaacson

Tumble & Gymnastics Academy Supervisor/All Star Cheerleading Coach/Events and Rental Coordinator

Cade Isaacson is from Crossville, Tennessee. As he grew up he participated in gymnstics for 6 years, school cheerleading for 4 years and cheered on an allstar team for 3 years. Cade began coaching in 2013, and has also featured in The Cheer Leader Magazine. He attends the University of Kentucky where he is studying Kinesiology. Here at Premier Athletics Cade instructs tumbling and flexibility classes. He really enjoys helping his students perfect what they love to do.

Staff Image of Caleb Bell

Caleb Bell

All Star SupervisorSchool Squad Instructor

Caleb Bell was born in Mayfield, Kentucky. Growing up he cheered at Graves County High on their Varsity Co-ed team. Whileat  Graves County High School, they won UCA HIgh School Nationals in 2010 and 2011. Caleb graduated and went on to the University of Kentucky where he studied History and cheered on the White Squad from 2012 to 2014.

Staff Image of Jason Keogh

Jason Keogh

All Star Cheerleading Coach

Jason Keogh was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up he participated in football, basketbal, gymnastics and diving. In his junior year of high school, Keogh decided to start his cheerleading career. He started coaching in Illinois when he was only 18 years old. After high school, Keogh attended the University of Kentucky where he graduted in 2005 with a degree in Kinesology. He cheered for the University of Kentucky from 2001-2004 winning 3 national titles as well as 2 partner stunts titles. Keogh was selected to compete on the USA cheerleading team from 2009-2012 winning four world titles as well. He started working with Premier Athletics in 2001 where he coaches tumbling and some of our all star cheerleading teams. He currently coaches and choreographs for Southwestern High School, who has won two national titles (2013, 2015) and finishes in the top 10 at UCA high school nationals every year, as well as for Madison Central High School, who has won 5 national titles and 4 KHSAA/KAPOS state championships. Jason really enjoys the excitement his athletes and teams get when they achieve new skills or a team goal. 

Staff Image of Jordan Ellison

Jordan Ellison

Tumbling Instructor

Jordan Ellison was born in Danville, Kentucky and raised in Liberty, Kentucky. Growing up he competed in power tumbling for 10 years, 6 years of cheerleasing, as well as particpating in basketball and track. After high school, Jordan attended the University of Kentucky where he studied Kinesology and Exercise Science and cheered for 4 years. While cheering for the Wildcats he won a UCA national title in 2014 as well as 4 Cheersport national titles from 2012-2015. He has been a staff member at Premier Athletics since 2013 where he coaches tumbling and cheerleading. Jordan hopes to pass on all the knowledge that has been granted to him over the years so that his can learn and better themselves as athletes.

Staff Image of Amber Hammond

Amber Hammond

Gymnastics Team Coach

Amber was born in London, Ohio and raised in Kentucky. Growing up she was a competitive gymnast for 12 and a half years, rode horses, and was apart of the 4H program. She began coaching at the age of 15. Later on she attended the University of Kentucky and Bluegrass Community and Technical College. Amber has taught at Premier Athletics for over a year, instructing gymnastics and tumbling classes, and coaching our competitive gymanstics teams. Amber loves watching her kids grow as athletes and become confident and successful in their classes.

Staff Image of DeeAnn Miller

DeeAnn Miller

Gymnastics Supervisor/Gymnastics Team Head Coach

DeeAnn Miller is currently our Head Gymnastics team coach. She competed as a UK Gymnasts when she attended the University of Kentucky.

Staff Image of Patsy Fagan

Patsy Fagan

Gymnastics Team Coach

Patsy spends her time with the children at Premier, the horses on her farm, and her children.

Staff Image of Ashleigh Dozier

Ashleigh Dozier

Little Explorers Academy Instructor

Ashleigh was born in Richmond, Ky and raised in Irvine, Ky. She was involved in soccer for 10 years, track for two years, and cheelreading for 6 years. Ashleigh will be attending Eastern Kentucky University this fall and hopes to major in Fire and Saftery Engineering.

Staff Image of Molly Chaffin

Molly Chaffin

All Star Cheer Coach/Little Explorers Academy Instructor/Front Desk

Molly was born in Nashville, TN and raised in Lexington, KY. She was a gymnast competeting up to Level 6, and cheered with Charolette All-Stars and Kentucky Elite as well. During her all-star years she won titles at WSF, Encore, Queen of the Nile, Cheersport, Athletic Championships, UCA, One-Up, and The Summit. She began coaching at the age of 17, and came to work at Premier Athletics in 2016. Molly coaches in our Kittens as well as classes in our Litttle Explorers Academy. She currently attends the University of Kentucky where she studies Political Science and International Studies. She is also the Head Coach at LCA Middle.

Staff Image of Michael Bieckert

Michael Bieckert

Tumble Academy Instructor

MIchael was born in Lousiville, Ky and raised in Shepardsville, Ky. Growing up he played baseball, football, swimming, track and cheerleading. He cheered 3 years in high school and went on to cheer at Western Kentucky University for 4 years where he studied Mechanical Engineering. During his school years Michael placed 4th in UCA HighSchool Partner Stunt Nations in 2002, 6th in UCA College Partner Stunt Nationals in 2005 and placed 2nd at UCA College Nationals with WKU. He also cheered at Kentucky Elite in 2002.-2003. Micahel enjoys being a coach because he loves watching students progress and gain new skills, as well as helping them accomplish all their goals in the sport.

Staff Image of Cassie Roderick

Cassie Roderick

Gymnastics Team Coach

Cassie was born in Indianapolis, IN and raised in Mahomet, IL. As a child she did competitive gymnastics for 8 years and was on her school's competition team for 6 years. She also participated in all-star cheerleading, softball, and hip-hop dance for many years. She began coaching at 15 years old. She currently goes to the University of Kentucky where she studies Psychology. She has been with Premier Athletics since April 2016 coaching level 1-2 and Excel Silver.

Staff Image of Maddie Baker

Maddie Baker

Gymnastics Team Coach/HYPE Cheer Coach/Academy Instructor

Maddie was born and raised in Lexington, Ky. She has was a competitive gymast for 9 years at Legacy and cheered at Dunbar for 5 years. Maddie currently attends the University of Kentucky where she studies Biology. She began coaching at 16, and currently works with our Excel Gold team, HYPE Cheer teams as well as our Gymnastics Academy Classes.