Lexington, KY Staff

Staff Image of Kyler Sykes

Kyler Sykes

General Manager

Kyler is a graduate of Western Kentucky University where he cheered for 5 years and was captain for 2 years.  After receiving his degree in Communications with a minor in Tourism/Hospitality, he began coaching competitive cheerleading all over Tennessee and Kentucky.  Kyler has extensive experience coaching all levels of cheer and has had great success as both a coach and athlete. Because of his dynamic personality, Kyler is also one of the most sought after emcees for many cheerleading competition companies. 

Staff Image of Melissa Lonkard

Melissa Lonkard

Allstar Cheerleading Supervisor/Allstar Coach/Team Tumbling Instructor

Melissa was born and raised in Northern Kentucky.  Growing up, she did gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling, and began instructing at age 16.  She attended the University of Kentucky where she majored in Biology and cheered for three years.    She has been involved in cheerleading since 1996, and her roles in the industry have included collegiate and all-star athlete, coach, camp instructor, choreographer, gym director, gym owner, event production staff, and judge.  She is currently a Varsity certified panel judge, a USASF certified safety judge and an Aloha Productions/GSSA panel judge.   In 2005 she moved to Southern California, and for the past 5 years has worked as a gym director and head coach for Pacific Coast Magic.

Staff Image of Lauren Snowden

Lauren Snowden

Gymnastics Team Director/Gymnastics Coach

Staff Image of Kate Williams

Kate Williams

Little Explorers Supervisor/Gymnastics Team Coach/Class Instructor

Kate was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and raised in Ravenna, Ky. Growing up she participated in cheerleading and dance. She competed as an all-star cheerleader for 7 years and all-star dance for 6 years. Kate began coaching and choreographing at the age of 15 and began instructing classes at the age of 17. She attended Eastern Kentucky University, studying Elementary Education and Dance. She has been with Premier Athletics since 2013 where she has taught students of all ages. She has experience in coaching tumbling and gymnastics classes, as well as competitive gymnastics, cheerleading and dance.

Staff Image of Laura Kinsley

Laura Kinsley

Studio Supervisor/Dance Coach

Number of years as an athlete: 23
Number of years as a coach: 9
Number of years coaching with Premier: 1 Year
Athlete in college?: Danced at University of Kentucky
What do you coach?: Dance cllasses, Competitive Dance team
Favorite part of coaching?: Helping dancers reach personal goals and to grow as athletes and individuals
Fun fact about you?: I have lived in four states

Staff Image of Madeline Simpson

Madeline Simpson

All Star Team Coach

Staff Image of DeeAnn Miller

DeeAnn Miller

Gymnastics Team Coach

Staff Image of Patsy Fagan

Patsy Fagan

Gymnastics Team Coach

Patsy spends her time with the children at Premier, the horses on her farm, and her children.

Staff Image of Shawna Greenwell

Shawna Greenwell

Gymnastics Team Coach/Class Instructor

Shawna was born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Bardstown, Kentucky. Growing up she did gymnastics and cheerleading. She did gymnastics for 12 years, competing all the way up to level 8 and she did competitive cheerleading for 3 years. Shawna began coaching gymnastics at the age of 17 in 2007. She attended the University of Kentucky, where she graduated with a Major in Family Sciences and a minor in Sociology. She has been with Premier Athletics since 2010, where she has coached all ages. Shawna has experience in coaching recreational gymnastics, tumbling classes, camp instructor and also competitive gymnastics. She really enjoys working with kids and being able to teach the sport she has always loved to kids who love it just as much. 

Staff Image of Amber Begley

Amber Begley

Gymnastics Team Coach/Class Instructor

Amber Begley
Number of years as an athlete: 12
Number of years as a coach: 7
Number of years coaching with Premier: 1 year

Athlete in college?: no
What do you coach?: Gymnastics, Tumbling, and Gymnastics Team
Favorite part of coaching?: I love teaching and sharing my passion for gymnastics with children and watching them grow up to be better individuals.

Staff Image of Jason Keogh

Jason Keogh

Allstar Coach/Team Tumbling Instructor/Class Instructor

Number of years as an athlete: 15
Number of years as a coach: 13
Number of years coaching with Premier: 3 years
Athlete in college?: Yes, University of Kentucky
What do you coach?: All Star Cheer
Favorite part of coaching?: When a child or a full team reaches or achieves a new skill, or a goal that they have fought to achieve.
Fun fact about you?: I was featured on a "Belive it or not" type show in Japan for cheerleading!

Staff Image of Alex Hull

Alex Hull

Class Instructor/Stunt Instructor/School Squad Instructor

Alex Hull is a previous University of Kentucky Cheerleader, who has been an athlete for 17 years. He began coaching in 2007 and has been with Premier Athletics for one year. Alex's favorite part of coaching is beign able to help kids reach their personal goals.

Staff Image of Betsy Lowry Montgomery

Betsy Lowry Montgomery

Cheerleading Coach/Choreography

Number of years as an athlete: 25

Number of years as a coach: 7 years

Number of years coaching with Premier: 3 years

Athlete in College: Yes, I cheered at UofL for 2 years where I won NCA College Nationals in 2006, before transferring to UK and graduating with a BA in Psychology.

What do you coach? All-star cheerleading

Favorite part of coaching: Being able to work with kids who share a passion for the sport is indescribable. I love seeing my kids attain new skills, while doing what they love. The feeling of accomplishment stems from seeing my teams on stage, living their dreams and having the time of their lives.

Fun Fact about You: In 2005, I was the stunt double for Hayden Panettiere in Bring It On: All or Nothing. I moved to Hollywood for 2 months where I was a cheerleader on the Pacific Vista Pirates team. It was an amazing and fun experience! I have worked for Varsity constructing camps and judging for the past 9 years as well.

Staff Image of Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams