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    Have Your Birthday at PREMIER!!

    DO YOU WANT TO BE THE PARENTS THAT THROW THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTIES?  No stress!  No mess in your house! And bonus.....very happy and TIRED children! Premier Athletics has been rulin... READ MORE

  • Believe the H.Y.P.E!

    If you want to get the great experience of being on an All Star Cheer team but don't want to make the full committment just yet - check out our H.Y.P.E program.  Our Half Year Prep Edu... READ MORE

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    Our NEW and IMPROVED Little Explorers Program!

    We are so excited to announce the launch of our EVEN BETTER preschool program.  The Little Explorers program you have grown to love is getting a make-over.  We have added exciting new... READ MORE

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    Referral Program!

    Are you loving your experience at Premier West? If so, then spread the love with your friends! Pick up a referral card today at the front desk.  This entitles your friend to a free class a... READ MORE

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    Holiday Extravaganza!

    Join us for an evening of festive fun on Friday, Dec. 18th from 5pm-7pm.  This is a special event for our Little Explorers and Recreational students to show off all of the skills they have... READ MORE