Premier Athletics of Columbia, TN


We would love for you to take classes with us!

We offer:

FUNdamental tumble

Bronze tumble

Silver tumble

Gold tumble

Platinum tumble

Masters tumble 

Hip Hop dance

Lyrical dance

Ninja Academy

Little Explorers Preschool

Club Cheer

PACE- Cheer Experience

All-star cheer

All-star dance

HYPE (Half year cheer team)

Special needs cheer team


Please contact us to come in and be evaluated to see which class is the best fit for your child.  We offer FREE trial/evaluation class on Friday's at 5:00pm for our tumbling program .(No appointment needed).  Please feel free to stop in and get evaluated so that we can get you started in a class designed just for your child's needs.

Once you are evlauated , please reference this schedule to see which class best fits your schedule for day/time and we will then check availabiility.