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2018-2019 HYPE TEAM INFO


Above is the link that has our HYPE team information, competition schedule, financials and more!

  • Evaluations will be held Friday, November 16th at 6:00pm

  • Uniform sizing will also be November 16th at 6:00pm

  • The First team practice will be held Friday, November 30th 6:00pm-7:30PM

  • Please email Chasity at for more info.





This year's tryout theme will be:

"Making Memories!"  #wishyouwerehere

Starting mid March our lobby will start looking alot like HOLLYWOOD!  Lights,camera, action!!!!  All athletes that commit to participating will recieve their own hollywood star with their picture on it!  Don't miss out on being a STAR!

We will be having our evaluation process May 10th-17th and teams will be posted on May 18th.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  Everyone makes a team smile

Parent info meetings will be held:

Monday, April 23th and Wednesday, May 2nd at 6:00pm.

(Only need to attend one!)




Thanks for your interest!  Below are several links that will help you and your all star to become familiar with our all-star evaluation process for cheer and dance.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.  

This Link is designed by our Premier Athletics All-star director, Sean Timmons, about evaluations for next season, what to expect, how teams will be picked, etc.  Please, when you get a chance, watch this so that you and your athlete will have a better understanding of the tryout process and how we place athletes on teams.  The list in the video tells your athlete EXACTLY what we are looking for for the levels next season. 


What level should I attend?  

There is no experience required to attend evaluations/make a team however, the material that is taught in the level 1 and 2 session will be more introductory and increase in speed and difficulty respective to the levels.  For example, the level 1/2 dance will be a bit slower and the jump/tumbling sequence taught will reflect skill sets in that level.  Once again- no experience is required.  Below is a link that will help you identify which level to attend. 

Evaluation level sheet

Competition Ready Video for skills:  This video will  help parents and athlete's determine what tumbling skills each level represents and determines an athletes competitiveness at that level.  Simply throwing these skills do not make you "competition ready" for these skills- the perfection of these skills is what is desired.

** All athetes will need to submit a recent photo and a copy of their birth certificate so that we can register each athlete for USASF.


2018-2019 All-Star Handbook:


2018-2019 All-star Cheer financial Packet:


2018-2019 All-Star Dance Financial Packet:




Evaluation Days and times:




Dance:  Week of May 21st-25th:  

Monday, May 21st:         5:00pm-6:00pm Hip Hop interests (Ages 8-18)

                                       6:00pm-7:00pm:  Lyrical interests (ages 10-18)

Tuesday, May 22nd:      5:00pm-6:00pm Hip Hop interests (Ages 8-18)
                                       6:00pm-7:00pm:  Lyrical interests (ages 10-18)

Wednesday, May 23rd:  5:00-6:00pm:  MINI HIP HOP (Ages 3-7)

                                       6:00pm-7:00pm:  Open gym for any athletes who need extra practice on their combos/dance

Thursday, May 24th:      5:00pm-6:00pm  ALL HIP HOP Evaluations

                                       6:00pm-7:00pm:  ALL Lyrical Evaluations

Friday, May 25th:           5:00-6:00pm  LAST CALL!  For any athlete who would like to come in/missed the prior Thursday eval times


If for some reason your child misses some of the evaluation times above, no problem!  Come when you can so that we can see your child as much as possible so that we can get them evlauated and placed properly in the program!  This is a super laid back process- NO STRESS ALLOWED! smile