Clayton, NC Staff

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Stacy Rowe

Premier Athletics Corporate - Vice President of Premier Athletics; Clayton Regional Manager; All Star Coach

Stacy is the Regional Manager of Premier of Clayton and the Corporate Marketing Director, including all stars, summer camps, and squad lessons for Premier Athletics Corporate in Knoxville, TN.  Stacy is a graduate of Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC, where she was a three-year member of the Monarch cheerleading squad and a one year member of the Monarch dance team.  While competing at MC, the Monarchs finished no lower than third at collegiate level national championships. Stacy is featured in the 2009/2010 American Cheerleader Magazine Coaches Handbook.  Stacy has also been nominated for Cheer Ltd. National Coach of the Year.  Stacy is AACCA safety certified, first aid and CPR certified and credentialed by the USASF. Stacy has coached the junior coed, senior cheer and dance teams to national championships with Premier and the senior coed team to their first appearance at the World Cheerleading championships. Stacy has also coached the Senior Hip Hop team to their first World Dance Championships where they placed 7th.  She is an advisor to all squads, responsible for the coaches, practice schedules, camps, and competitions. She is also responsible for the overall expansion of the program with regard to skill development, competition preparation, and choreography.  She does not coach every squad on a day-to-day basis, but interacts with the coaches to insure the teams are achieving levels of expectation.  Questions concerning the overall program should be directed to Stacy Rowe.

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Danielle Wilder

General Manager

Danielle has been working in business for over 30 years.  She is the General Manager of Premier Athletics Clayton.  She is also the class, studio, and little explorers coordinator. She is the former manager of Premier Athletics Riverwood and we are thrilled to have her knowledge, expertise and customer service at the Clayton gym.

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Sharon Whitley

Administrative Supervisor

Sharon is the administrative supervisor for both gyms. She is responsible for keeping members and parents informed of program activities and handling the expense accounts and financials. Sharon is available to answer questions about your ledger Monday- Thursday 10am-5pm. She primarily works at the Guy Rd gym and can be reached at the main number 919-359-8326. Sharon is also the all-star apparel coordinator. She  organizes, orders and takes care of the inventory for every piece of cheerleading and dance apparel except dance costumes/shoes. You can contact Sharon for any question regarding cheer shoes, cheer uniforms, practice clothes, warmup jackets or any account question.

Staff Image of Chad Wallace

Chad Wallace

All Star Supervisor

Chad Wallace is the All-Star Supervisor for Premier Athletics Clayton.  He was formerly a Shocker All-Star cheerleader in our program.  He has been a tumbling instructor at Premier Athletics for over ten years.  He is a graduate Johnston County Community College with an Associate in Business degree.  He has coached all levels of Tumbling and All-Star Cheerleading.  Chad is AACCA, CPR and First Aid certified.  He was a member of the first Senior Shocker Cheer team to attend the World Cheerleading Championships.  Chad has coached many teams to both the World Cheerleading Championships and the Cheer Summit Championships in Orlando, Fl!

Staff Image of Toni Staton

Toni Staton

Summer Camp/Clinic and Tumble Academy Supervisor

Toni Staton comes to Premier with several years of cheerleading experience.  He was formerly a Premier Clayton Shocker.  He graduated High School to attend and Cheer at East Carolina University where he cheered on their varsity team.  After his time at ECU he became an all star cheer and tumbling coach in Angier, NC.  He has been coaching at Premier Athletics Clayton for many years.  Toni has extensive experience in cheerleading, hip hop dance, and gymnastics.  He coaches many of the Shocker cheer and dance teams.  He has coached teams to the Summit Championships placing 3rd.  In addition is a World Champion bronze, silver, and gold medalist!

Staff Image of Ashley Lanphere

Ashley Lanphere

All Star Coach

Ashley graduated from North Carolina State University and was a member of the NC State All Girl Advanced Team.  She was a former Shocker All Star cheer and dance team member and shocker student assistant.  She has worked numerous summer camps for Premier Athletics.  She has previously coached at Southern Impact Athletics working with their Youth Dance and several Cheer teams.  She currently coaches several of the Shocker cheer and dance teams.  Ashley is an excellent instructor and she is a great motivator.  In addition to all of the above she is a World Champion Gold Medalist and has coached numerous teams to Bronze and Silver medal finishes!

Staff Image of Sarah Holzer

Sarah Holzer

All-Star Coach

Sarah was a five year member of the Shocker all star cheer and dance program.  She was a member of the first Senior Shocker Cheer Team to attend the World Cheerleading Championships and a member of the first Senior Shocker Dance team to receive a bid to the World Dance Championships.  She was also a Premier Athletics student assistant.  She was a member of the NC State All Girl Cheerleading Team.  Her expertise with our younger all stars and classes is a tremendous asset to our program.  She coaches many of our cheer and dance teams of all ages and levels.  She has coached teams to Summit Championships placing 1st in her divisions. Sarah is the oldest of five siblings and that is what makes her like a older sister to all of the kids at the program.  In addition Sarah is a World Champion Gold Medalist herself!

Staff Image of Cody Lanphere

Cody Lanphere

All Star Coach/Studio and LE Instructor

Cody is a former athlete and product of the Premier Athletics program. He has traveled the country and been trained by professional choreographers and teachers. The training he took includes styles such as hip hop, jazz, contemporary, modern, jazz funk, etc. After his time here as an athlete, he became an instructor and an all star coach. He works with our Studio and Little Explorers classes as well as our competitive dance & cheer teams. He has coached teams to National titles. He also has titles of his own including a Bronze, Silver, and Gold from the World Hip Hop championships. He hopes to continue his training so he can give that training back to the kids he teaches.

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Mychal Woodard

Dance Instructor/All Star Coach

Mychal has danced and competed for several years performing multiple dance styles including Contemporary Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Animation just to name a few.  He has done work on So You Think You Can Dance, USASF Worlds and the Disney channel.  He has been coaching at Premier Athletics for three seasons.  He has coached teams to summit Championships and is a World Champion athlete himslef.

Staff Image of Lauren Wilder

Lauren Wilder

Company Team Coach

Lauren was previously an all star cheerleader and dancer at Premier Athletics.  She has competed at the Dance World Championships for 8 years and was a member of the Open Coed Hip Hop team who won gold in 2015.  She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Brand Management and Marketing from NC State.  She is currently working with class enrollments and Studio development.  She also co-coaches one of the first Studio Company teams at Premier Clayton. 

Staff Image of Karen Perez

Karen Perez

Company Team Coach/Studio Instructor

Staff Image of Arlynn Hooper

Arlynn Hooper

All Star Coach/Studio and LE Instructor

Arlynn is an All Star Coach as well as a Studio, Little Explorers, and Tumble Academy Instructor.  She has been an all star at Premier Athletics for seven years and has performed in the annual studio recital.  She has attended the Dance World Championships the past four years and was a member of the Open Coed Hip Hop team that won the World Championships in 2015.  For her first two years of college she attended Barton and expects to graduate in 2018 with a degree in Psychology.

Staff Image of McKeighla Kilgore

McKeighla Kilgore

All Star Coach/Class Instructor

Mckeighla Kilgore is an All-Star Coach, Little Explorers Instructor and a Tumble Academy instructor. She used to be an All-Star Cheerleader and Dancer for Premier Athletics Clayton for four years. She is currently enrolled at East  Carolina University studying Public Health Studies with a concentration in Pre-Health Professions. She wishes to later become a doctor to work in Trauma Care or Pediatrics. She works at the gym every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, instructing her teams and tumble classes. She teaches all of the Gymnastics class, from Basic to Intermediate, and coaches an All-Star Cheer and Dance team. She also works every other Saturday during Fun Gym. Her favorite things to do outside of work and school are to read and paint!

Staff Image of Courtney Harvey

Courtney Harvey

Studio Instructor

Courtney Creech graduated with a BS in Business Administration and a Minor in Sport Management from  Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC and has begun working on her MBA. She was a member of the Monarch Cheerleading squad for 2 years.  She also worked for NCA (National Cheerleading Association) as a summer camp instructor/head instructor for four years.  Last summer she received their top Veteran instructor award.  Courtney has cheered and danced for many years. She was s student assistant and a former Shocker who competed on the first Premier team to attend the World Cheerleading Championships!

Staff Image of Ricky McCarraher

Ricky McCarraher

Shocker Coach/Tumbling Instructor/Studio Instructor

Ricky was a former Shocker All-Star and continues to dance on our Open Team. He has coached teh Youth, Junior, & Senior All Star Cheer teams. He teaches numeroustumbling classes, stunts classes, and private lessons. Ricky is AACCA, Cpr and First-Aid certified. He was a member of the first Senior Shocker Cheer team to attend the World Championships and is a World Champion silver, bronze and gold medalist!

Staff Image of Payton Guerrero

Payton Guerrero


Payton is a former Primer Athletics athlete. His team won National Grand Champs in 2012 and competed at the Cheerleading World Championships in 2013. He graduated from Clayton High School to attend and cheer for two seasons at NC State University. Payton is now a CPR and first-aid certified tumble and stunt instructor at Premier Athletics.

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Jordan Hardison

Instructor/HYPE Coach

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Courtney George


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Jacob Parton


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Alexis Phelps

All Star Coach/ Instructor