Premier Athletics of N. Kentucky

2018-19 All Star Cheer and Dance Handbook


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Twitter: @Premier_NKY/ Instagram: PREMIERNKY

Premier Athletics Mission Statement:
To teach young athletes to 1) Be self confident, 2) do “their” best and 3) have FUN!

Description of the Premier Athletics Competitive Programs:
The Teams are strictly competition and performance groups.  Each Team’s primary focus is to prepare for and compete in National Competitions.  In addition to National competitions, Teams participate in several Local and Regional Competitions, as well as, demonstrations and exhibitions.  During the year, the Cheer Teams concentrate on all components of cheerleading including tumbling, jumps, motions, pyramids, partner stunts, dance, and showmanship. The Dance Teams concentrate on all components of dance within the Team’s designated “style”. 

Program History:
Premier Athletics began June of 1996.  Its first location began in Knoxville, TN.  Premier Athletics then opened a location in Nashville, TN.  Soon after a second location in Knoxville was born and shortly after that Premier Athletics branched out into North Carolina where three gyms opened in Wilmington, Asheville and Clayton.  Since that time Premier opened facilities in Michigan, Jacksonville, and Kentucky.  Collectively Premier Athletics has won over 1000 National Titles, over 100 World Cheerleading and Dance appearances, with numerous top 10 finishes and Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal finishes.  In addition Premier Athletics has sent over 400 athletes to continue cheerleading, dance and gymnastics at various Colleges and Universities.  Premier Athletics believes in providing quality training for its staff.  All coaches attend numerous seminars and training sessions throughout the year to provide the best care, choreography and coaching to our athletes.

Gym Facility Guidelines
• For the safety and fairness of all participants, only coaches and athletes are allowed on the gym floor.
o We will not allow parents, friends, grandparents, etc on the floor at any time.
o If you need something, please let our Front Desk Personnel know and they will alert a coach.
o Please help us in this effort to provide the best service to our/your athletes.
• Participants are not permitted to compete, fill in for or participate with any other All Star Cheerleading or Dance team while currently enrolled in a Premier Athletics program.  For more information go to
o Each athlete is required to provide a copy of their birth certificate or Current Driver's License if applicable.
o Each athlete will be required to have a USASF member ID and pay membership dues.  More information on dues in the financial packet.
• We are honored to work with your children and we do not take that task lightly.  Please also understand that participation in the program is a choice and a privilege.  Any parent or athlete who displays negative behavior or is counter - productive to the overall success of the program can be dismissed from the program at anytime without warning.

Information and Social Media Outlets
• Information and updates can be found on our website
o If you do not have an email address, please go to a free website like or and get a free email address. If you do not have an email address on file, you will not stay in the loop. It is the main way we communicate!  It is your responsibility to make sure that we have your current email address so that you can receive all pertinent information. 
o We will do our best to always answer your emails within 48 hours.
o Please use email and not social media to contact the gym, coaches, etc.

o Premier Athletics
 Instragram - premierathletics1

Premier Athletics Staff, Parents, and Athletes
"Unity is Strength...where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved" ~Mattie Stepanek
Premier Athletics Staff, Athletes, and Parents
USASF Credentialed Staff and Certified Gym
• The mission of the United States All Star Federation (USASF) is "to support and enrich the lives of our All Star athletes and members.  We provide consistent rules, strive for a safe environment for our athletes, drive competitive excellence, and promote a positive image for the sport." The Premier Staff and all gym locations are certified and credentialed through USASF and compete only at sanctioned events.  Each athlete within the Premier Athletics program will be required to become a member of the USASF.  More information can be found at

The Premier staff is highly trained, motivated and committed to the success of your athlete.  You can expect the following of the Premier Athletics coaching staff:
• Coach for the love of the sport and the love of the athlete, by always putting the athlete first
• Lead with character and by example
• Develop a positive-demanding coaching style
• Remain safe and realistic with athlete progression, while also challenging the athlete to reach his or her potential.
• Strive to provide a fun, safe, and overall positive experience for your athlete, while focusing on the importance of healthy competition

We expect the following from ALL athletes as members or alternates of any Premier Athletics team.  These expectations will be strictly enforced, during practices, clinics, competitions and any other Premier Athletics events.

Athletes are expected to:
• Cheer and/or Dance for FUN!
• Be gracious when you win and graceful when you lose
• Treat fellow teammates, coaches, and staff with respect.  Put the team first.
• Be accountable for your own actions
• Show good sportsmanship and class at ALL times.
• Refrain from using any social media networking, messaging services or electronic media to distribute negative or inappropriate information that could be detrimental to yourself, your family, and the Premier Athletics reputation in any way.  These are grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.

Parents are expected to:
• Do everything possible to make the athletic experience positive for your child and others
• View the routine with team goals in mind
• Be an encourager - encourage athletes to keep their perspective in both victory and defeat
• Be a good listener
• Encourage their athlete to always treat fellow parents, teammates, coaches and Premier Athletics staff with respect.
• Not express their opinions during practice or coach their athlete from the sideline or viewing areas.
• Defer to the coaches discretion regarding team decisions.  Inevitably, we will lose or gain team members through the course of a season.  Any dismissal or addition of a team member is solely at the discretion of the coach, all star supervisor and manager.
• Refrain from using any social media networking, messaging services or electronic media to distribute negative or inappropriate information that could be detrimental to yourself, your family, and the Premier Athletics reputation in any way.  These are grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.
• Parents should not listen, participate or instigate idle, worthless gossip.  It is a detriment to team unity and chemistry.

Parent Travel Obligations:
• Parents are responsible for their athlete's activities and behavior at out of town events.
• Parents must understand that competitions are a time for the athletes to focus and should be fully committed to the team and Premier Athletics through the time of the event.
• Athlete may need to arrive by a designated time on Friday evenings of a two day event for scheduled practice times at the event. It is also possible that awards for some teams could be late Sunday evening.  The gym will give you this information as soon as it is available to them.
• If a parent/guardian cannot attend an out of town event, you will arrange for another Premier Athletics parent or responsible adult to travel with your athlete to and from the event, and to be responsible for the athlete during the entire event. 

Attendance Policies and Procedures
"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work" ~Vince Lombardi
Practice attendance is absolutely mandatory and compliance with the attendance policy below will be strictly enforced. An athlete’s team position will be jeopardized for noncompliance with all the following terms of the attendance policy. 

Summer Practices
• Attendance at practice is critical to your athlete’s progress and integral to the success of the team and athletes should be at practices during the summer season.
• However, we recognize that some athletes may need a “break,” each gym designates two weeks with no team practices (see Important Dates & Closings). This is designed to accommodate family vacations, softball, swimming and other summer sports, church camps, summer camps, beach trips, for example. Please schedule your family vacations during this time.
• Any absence must be scheduled on the vacation and planning calendar (by filling out an absentee form), noting the vacation, camp, game or any other scheduled activity preventing the athlete from attending practice.
Competition Season Practices
• The "Competition Season" begins September 2018 and ends April/May 2019.
• Practice attendance is absolutely mandatory and compliance with the attendance policy below will be strictly enforced. An athlete’s team position will be jeopardized for noncompliance with all the following terms of the attendance policy.
• Athletes are expected to be at every practice.
• If an athlete is absent from practice for any reason, whether excused or unexcused, he or she is responsible for learning ALL routine changes made in their absence, before the next practice.
• It is unfair to the team to waste valuable practice time re-teaching one athlete the material that he or she missed, while every other athlete must then wait for the one athlete to "get caught up to speed" and learn their part before moving on.
• Practices may be changed or added at any time during the year. Parents must check the website and emails on a daily basis to stay on top of the practice schedule for updates on day and times.
• We are aware that many junior/senior HS age athletes will need to take the ACT/SAT on a Saturday.  We recommend that you schedule these as early in the season as possible.  A competition cannot be missed due to ACT/SAT testing.  Please let your coach know your SAT/ACT dates as soon as possible.
• The viewing area is open for practice/class observation every day.  However, if a problems arise, the Premier Athletics staff reserve the right to close viewing at anytime.
• Premier Athletics will typically close practices the month prior to the first competition of the season.

US Finals/Summit/Worlds Teams (Spring Break)

• All athletes who’s teams attend the US Finals,  Summit, or  Worlds are allowed 1 absence the week of their scheduled Spring Break.  Since we have athletes from Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana along with several private and public school systems it would be impossible for us to prepare for these prestigious events without the entire team.   If you choose to miss more than 1, you risk being replaced on that team. 

Excused Absences
• An “excused absence” must be scheduled on the planning calendar (by filling out an absentee form) at least two weeks in advance and must be:
a. A school function that results in a grade, should have paperwork from school regarding absence.
b. The Manager, All Star Supervisor and team coaches have ultimate discretionary authority to excuse absences on a case-by-case basis.
Unexcused Absences
• "Unexcused absences" are simple; ALL other absences that are not a school function that results in a grade are unexcused.
• The following are examples of unexcused absences: part-time jobs, dances, concerts, banquets, long distance driving, family reunions, weddings, recitals, ball games, and school/church socials.
• Academics: School is a high priority and Premier Athletics stresses the importance of education. However; schoolwork, including homework, projects, and studying for tests, are unexcused absences. Athletes are expected to maintain proper time management so this does not become an issue.
• Extra Curricular Activities and Jobs: Extracurricular activities and jobs need to be scheduled around the commitment to Premier.
• Athletes are only allowed two(2) unexcused absences during competition season, if a third absence occurs a parent meeting will be scheduled.  If additional absences occur disciplinary action may be taken for noncompliance; including but not limited to, removal from the team, being put on probationary status, placed as an alternate, or removed from various elements of choreography.
• You must notify your coach via email or call the gym, or all star supervisor at least 2 weeks in advance so that the coach may plan practice accordingly. There is no exception to this rule.
• In the case of an unexpected emergency, you must contact your coach as soon as possible to inform them of your situation.
• Unexcused absences are NEVER allowed the weekend and week before a competition or performance under any circumstance. Noncompliance may result in the athlete being moved to an alternate position or removed from an upcoming competition, at the discretion of the coach.
• Missing a competition may result in immediate dismissal from the program.
Absence due to Illness, Injury or Family Emergency
• Illness: You should attend practice when you are sick, if you are not contagious. You are not required to participate; however, you must be physically-present. In addition, when absences due to illness perpetually occur on an ongoing basis, you may be required to provide a doctor’s note with detailed information regarding the illness, treatment and length of recovery. This includes dental, medical and any other health related issue that may prohibit a student from participating.

• Injury: In the event that an athlete is injured, you should notify your Gym Manager, All Star Supervisor and Team coach of the happening of such injury immediately. Thereafter, you should continuously update coaches as soon as possible with all information concerning doctor’s prognosis, estimated length of recovery, potential for surgery, and any change in circumstance affecting their ability to perform the physical skills required to fulfill their role on the team.

We will re-choreograph routines based on the athlete’s injury and length of recovery. Once the individual has fully recovered, he or she may or may NOT be choreographed back into the same spots in the routine.   The determination of when he or she will be placed back into the routine is up to the coaches, all star supervisor and Gym manger based on the team and competition schedule at the time.  Every situation could vary.

Family Emergency: This term is not to be taken lightly. Contact the Gym Manager, All Star Supervisor or Team coach immediately upon the occurrence of such an emergency.

Each competition is absolutely mandatory. Prior to each competition, athletes will be given the following set of team-specific times for each competition:

• If your team is having Friday night practice at an event - it is considered a mandatory practice time
• Arrival time- when you must be present in the competition venue
• Meet time- when your team is required to meet with a coach and congregate at a specific place. Athletes must leave all backpacks, purses, make-up, warm up jackets and pants etc., with parents at this time.
• Exception: If you are a crossover & need a bag to change, you may bring that with you.
• Warm up time- the time the event-hosting company has scheduled the team to warm up
• Performance time- the time when the team is scheduled to perform
• Award time- the time of the awards ceremony that your team has been scheduled to receive its award
• If you are not present at awards, you will forfeit any awards and prizes you may win. We will do our best to collect outstanding prizes (jackets, back packs, medals, etc.), but it is not guaranteed.
• If an athlete does not show up for a competition, he or she may be dismissed from the team.

Dress Code
"Where there is unity there is always victory." ~Publilius Syrus
Practice Dress Code
• Athletes must wear their practice clothes to practices.  This will be highly enforced this season.  Cheer shoes/dance shoes must be worn at every practice.
• In the event that practice clothes are lost, damaged, or outgrown you may purchase a new set.
• Hair should be pulled up and out of the face.
• Females should wear bloomers/spandex and sports bra's under their practice attire.
• NO Jewelry of any kind is allowed in the gym.  Neither Premier Athletics, nor a Premier Athletics employee is responsible for jewelry if it is worn into the gym, removed for practice, lost or stolen.
• Fingernails should be kept short.  Fake fingernails can be very harmful to the athlete and teammates and are strongly discouraged during the season.
• New piercings are also strongly discouraged during the season

Competition Dress Code
• Athlete's have two options that may be worn during competition:
o Full uniform with an PA t shirt over it or  Premier Athletics Warm Up
o Athletes must be in full uniform, hair and makeup during awards/warm up jacket may be worn over uniform
• Hair (females athletes may be asked to wear hair pieces) hair should be done prior to arriving.
• Team makeup should be complete before entering the arena (teams may be asked to wear fake eyelashes)
• Proper shoes are to be worn the entire time.  No Uggs, boots, flip flops, etc
• No jewelry is permitted at competitions.

Premier Athletics or Gym Mascot Merchandise
• All Apparel should be ordered through the gym.
• To protect the integrity of our brand, no parent or athlete is permitted to use the Premier Athletics or mascot logos without authorization from the gym manager. 
o this includes, but is not limited too - gym mascot logos, team names, Premier Athletics logo or any gym initials.
o If you have apparel ideas please submit them to your gym manager.

Season Outlook

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." ~Albert Einstein
Practice Time, Training and Camps/Choreography
• Training for ALL members begins after Team Selection May 2018.
• The first two - three months of training consist of skill building, conditioning, and technique.
o These training sessions provide the critical foundation for the rest of the season.
• Teams learn routines in the summer and all routines will be taught by the end of August.
• Routine clean up and perfection will begin in August/September.
o These training sessions are critical to the success of the team, maximum attendance is required.
• Summer Camps will be held for each team during the summer and are mandatory.
o Camp fees are due on or before the first day of camp
o Camp is spent working on skill building, technique, and choreography and are closed to ALL spectators.
• Competitions/Events begin in October and the season concludes in April/May 2019.

All Star Vacation Date/Important Dates!
We know family time is important so we schedule vacation dates! Please note that during competition season, additional practices are scheduled.  Consequently, months during which the gym is closed for holidays are not discounted.

All Star Policy
• If an All-Star decides that they would like to leave the All-Star program for an extended period of time “just to take a break”, but would like to return during that same season, they are responsible for paying for All-Star monthly tuition, choreography fees, camp fees, etc during the time that they were not attending.
• This is highly discouraged and there is no guarantee there will be a spot left on the team when they return.

Additional Training Options
"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." ~Aristotle

All-Star Tumbling Class Option:
• All-Stars are encouraged to take an extra hour of tumbling per week to improve their tumbling skills. In order to facilitate everyone’s tumbling needs, we offer regularly scheduled tumbling classes at 50% off the regular rate.  You must register for tumbling classes on a monthly basis. 
• Please note that if you have an outstanding balance on your account, your All-Star will not be allowed to take any classes until their account is current. (This also includes siblings that are not All-Stars that take classes).

Flex and Balance for Flyers:
• Cheer team flyers if you want to fly you are required to take a 30 minute Flex and Balance class.
• Flyers are detrimental to the success of a team, if your athlete is serious about being a flyer she/he should be in multiple classes along with working on flexibility at home.
Dance Classes:
• All-Star Dancers are encouraged to take tumbling and flex classes to improve their tricks, flexibility & skills outside of regular practice times.
• All-Stars receive 50% off on these classes!

*All class fees are due on the early bird date. If the fees are not paid by the early bird date, you will incur a $10 fee per class. These must also be paid by Autopay.
Crossing Over To Another Team:
• All-Stars may want to cheer or dance on more than one team. 
• The additional practices and extended time in the gym will help develop their athletic ability and confidence.   This option is not for everyone.  The commitment of time and money is increased and competitions can be stressful and competing twice (or more) in one day may not be for everyone. 
• The coaches reserve the right to make exceptions under special circumstances without question.

ONLINE PARENT PORTAL (iClass Pro) - Fast, Free, Convenient!  You may now see all of your account activity from the comfort of your home!

• INSTRUCTIONS FOR NEW MEMBERS BELOW- If your student already attends Premier Athletics, then you have an account. Please do not create a new account! If you have never accessed that account, then you only need to click forgot password and it will send you a new one. Should you have any issues with the password you can call or email the front desk and we will reset it for you.
  1. Fill out registration form-ensure email is accurate. Front desk will enter your information    within 24-48 hours.
  2. Log onto: - select your gym at the top of the page
  3. Click on “Member Login”
  4. Enter your username (email you provided)
  5. Enter password provided via front desk or automated response email
  6. You are ready to go!

The regular season begins May 2018 and runs through April 2019.  Worlds & Summit bid earning Cheer Teams and Dance Teams end at the end of April or beginning of May (depending on event dates). For your convenience, the season commitment consists of monthly tuition installments and All Star competition fees and expenses, based on full season commitment – Meaning all fees must be paid (even if you withdraw).
• ALL new and existing Premier customers are required to pay tuition/team fund electronically through Autopay (credit/debit cards)
• If your payment is declined for any reason, you will be notified via email, phone call or receive a statement on the early bird date after all accounts have been drafted. You are still responsible for making your payment on the Early Bird Date to avoid paying full price for tuition. Tuition automatically goes up $10 per team at midnight on the Early Bird Date.
• If your account information changes (new card, expiration date, stolen card, new address, new checking account, etc.) you are responsible for changing the information online to avoid increased tuition or suspension from the team and a $10 card decline fee*
• If a check (personal/paper check or E-Check) is returned for insufficient funds, there is a $50 NSF fee. If a personal check is returned, we will no longer be able to accept personal checks for your account.  We also will not accept paper or E-Checks for any past due balances, they must be paid via credit card, cash, money order, etc.