About Premier Athletics

Premier Athletics actually started in a classroom at the University of Tennessee back in the early 90s.  It was the brain child of Boog Potter, Bill Asp, and Mike Martinez who were all a part of the MBA program at UT.  Only a concept for a class project, the idea of a cheerleading gym appealed to their professor, Lynn Youngs, and he encouraged them to make their concept a reality. 
The first “Premier Cheerleading” gym opened in Knoxville in 1994 with one All Star Cheerleading Team, the Premier Sharks.  19 years later, Premier Athletics has 9 gyms throughout the North and South East and trains thousands of cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers, and power tumblers.  Premier’s competitive athletes and teams are top notch in their respective industries and hundreds of Premier Athletics athletes have gone on to compete at the collegiate level in their respective sports, most earning college scholarships. 
Premier Athletics also houses thousands of recreational students who train in the sports of cheerleading, dance and gymnastics.  Their Little Explorers preschool programs and Studio dance programs were developed as an extension of their recreational class programs and have enhanced the experiences for students and parents alike in the past two years.  Premier also serves as a training facility for hundreds of middle and high school cheerleading and dance squads.
Premier Athletics mission statement has remained the same after all these years – even as the company continues to grow and expand.  “We teach young athletes to 1. Be self confident, 2. To do “their” best, and 3. Have FUN!”  Premier remains committed to this mission statement as we watch our athletes turn in to valued employees and confident, well rounded adults.   Now that you know all about our past, we look forward to sharing our present with you and your family! 


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